Brixtyn Turns Two

Well my little girl turned two this weekend and I still can't believe it. Time flies by so quickly with kids. Being her mom these past years has taught me so many things. It's amazing watching your little one grow and learn new things everyday. 

To my sweet Brixtyn, I love that you have such a loving heart and never fail to put a smile on everyone around you. I love your big hugs and endless amounts of kisses, your snuggles are one of a kind. I love your pretty blue eyes, your long curly hair, big cheesy smiles, chubby cheeks, and cute bubble booty. I love how smart you are and hearing your little voice express all the new things you learn. I could basically go on forever with all the reasons I love you. 

Here are some highlights from her birthday photo session

Outfit Dollcake Vintage

Brixtyn Milk Bath

There are no words to describe the feeling I get looking at that sweet face, filled with such wonder and undisguised love. 


Lemonade Stand

Before summer is officially over I wanted Brixtyn to have some fun with a little lemonade stand. Lets just say I think its her new favorite drink, she couldn't put the cup down. I love everything about these photos, from the adorable outfit to the DIY lemonade stand we made from Pinterest ideas. I can't wait for Brixtyn and her friends to get to use this for future summer adventures. 

You can find her outfit at Dress, Bow, Shoes

Lemonade stand directions

Superior Dairy

We took Brixtyn on her first train ride to an ice cream parlor. Up until the ice cream came she was a hotmess. 

Let me just tell you, this kid is a handful when it comes to going out to eat anywhere. People always end up starring at us and make me feel embarrassed but I have to remember most 2 year olds aren't going to be perfect at all times. 

It ended up being a superior day, we all left happy with bellies full of yummy ice cream. Brixtyn even made some friends at the train station and was playing ring a round the rosy. It was the cutest thing! 

Can we all agree on how perfect this little outfit is?! Sunshine Baby Clothing